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Třítýdenní letní škola ve Francii!
24. 3. 2023

letní/zimní škola


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Třítýdenní letní škola ve Francii!

Are you currently studying at THE Bachelor’s level and interested in Sustainable development or Transport and Energy topics? Are you eager to start learning French/improve your French, and discover a French region during the summer? If yes, the French + Sciences programme is made for you!

The Campus France Office in the Czech Republic is offering one new grant to support a Czech student who would like to register in the “French + Sciences programme”, a 3-week summer school (May/June 2023) focusing on “Sustainable development” (in Montpellier) or “Transport and energy” (in Rouen – Normandy).

Each programme includes site visits to companies, conferences, and encounters with specialists in the selected field, as well as French courses. No level in French is required to register to this programme: the whole scientific programme will be held in English, and the participants will attend French courses 15 hours/week (beginner or advanced level).

The deadline for application to the grantis March 25, 2023. To apply, send an email to this address, with a CV and a cover letter (in English or in French):

The registration to each programme will take place online. You will find more information about deadlines for registration and details about each programme here:

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